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July 20, 2017

We know this better than anyone: It's hard to find the very best panel installer in Laguna I right?

That's exactly why we've made it easier than ever to get a quote on your solar panels and have them properly installed on your home or business. We get installation questions all the time and break down the entire process for our customers. When you know what goes into a good solar panel installation, you know how to spot faulty craftsmanship. Read on to find out why we’re the best panel installer in Laguna Hills, and why you can trust us with your business.

Topics included:

Choosing the best solar panel installer in Laguna Hills

solar power worker installer

If you already have solar panels on your home or business and are looking to get upgraded models or switch to a brand new solar panel installation company, you'll want to look for any inconsistency in your current equipment.

When you can pinpoint exactly what's wrong, you can better inform your solar panel installation team of the issue. If you're not able to spot any issues, our team of solar panel installation experts are certain to point out any flaws with your current equipment and upgrade you to the newest, most energy-efficient solar panels on the market.

How are solar panels installed?

Extremely carefully. There's more to it than just placing solar panel units and hooking them up. In most cases, they are attached to your roof with heavy duty bolts to ensure they don't fall. More than that, wiring an electrical conduit to store generated solar electric power is not a task that one should handle on one's own. Those with backgrounds in electrical work are used to these sorts of tasks, and handle them with ease.

Electrical conduits are connected to inverters, which run into the home's electrical supply. These can store solar energy in electrical banks to power your home. When people think of solar panel installation, electrical wiring is the last thing to come to mind. It's all about the panels, but so much more work goes into it than that.

Solar panel installation comes down to safety. When you have trained professionals taking care of every bit of technical work, the only thing you can do is sit by and await your brand new solar system to bring free, clean energy into your home. With our licensed and insured installers, you never have to compromise on safety.

Why you shouldn’t install solar panels by yourself

Solar panels aren't exactly lightweight. Not only do you need to install them, and hope that they won't slide off of your roof, but you'll be compromising safety. Professional solar panel installers are fully licensed and insured, so you never have to worry.

Professional installers traditionally have backgrounds in related fields, such as electrician work or construction experience. When you're having solar panels installed, safety is an absolute must. You cannot guarantee your own safety with a DIY project.

Are solar panels safe?

Yes, they most certainly are, when they're installed properly. When you're looking at purchasing and DIY installing your own solar panels, you're compromising your own safety. Aside from just placing the panels on your roof, there is major electrical work involved, not to mention proper mounting. You need a professional team of experts to handle your solar panel installation. Accounts of DIY solar panel installation have resulting in panels sliding from their positions on a rooftop in high winds, or ineffective placement.

How to select the best panel installers

It's not just about how they're installed; it's about so much more than that. You don't want your project to take ages, or be underneath the thumb of that constant construction zone feeling. Instead, hire the professionals who know how to take a solar panel installation site, and keep everything completely under control.

When it comes to selecting the best solar panel installers, you need to look at more than just the panels. What about warranties? What about customer service? There are far more elements that are applicable to your choice in selecting the proper installers for you. Trusting the right company for you is an investment.

How to spot a bad installer

There are a lot of ways to spot a fishy solar panel installation company. We've outlined a few different ways that you can spot a good company from a bad one; professionalism is absolutely paramount in determining if you're in good, capable hands. Look for these other details to see if you're dealing with professionals or amateurs.

  • At-home appointment: Any good solar panel installation company will come to your home to assess your project and provide you with a reasonable quote. You don't have to give too much information over the phone; we'll come to your home, assess the project, and work with you to get things done the right way.
  • References: A company is only as good as its customers. In the case of poor customer service or negative references, you get a better scope of the credibility of the company you're aiming to work with. We have an excellent lineup of referrals and reviews, all with a guarantee of your satisfaction and product quality, and the quality of your installation.
  • Warranties: The warranties on solar panels aren't exclusively owned by the solar panel installation companies. If you hear anything to the contrary, it's an immediate red flag. Those warranties are transferred to the clients immediately upon completion of any installation. We'll be certain to give you all of the information you need regarding the warranty of your solar panels.
  • Selling tactics: You should never feel cornered into an agreement, or feel like another selling point. We want you to feel valued about your choice. We're passionate about solar energy, about clear energy for our planet, and we know you are, too.

You should never have to settle for less than perfect, especially when you're planning to install the solar power system in your home or in your business. You deserve the best solar panel installation company to treat your project with care and attend to every possible bump in the road. We know solar panel installation better than anyone, and we're willing to put that to the test. Call us today for your free quote; we'll come out and assess your solar panel project, and get the ball rolling.

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