Instead of Trump's Wall, Build a Solar Power Plant Instead

July 25, 2017

I think we can all agree that regardless of whichever side of the fence you belong to, the proposed plan to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico can only remain a pipe dream unless both sides agree to a compromise...right?

The conflict is threatening to do irreparable damage to the bilateral relations between the United States and Mexico. However, one possible compromise that hasn't been given as much consideration as it deserves is the prospect of building a giant solar power generating station along the border. This article would discuss just how building such a plant instead of a wall can accrue not just financial and environmental benefits for both states but also hinder further deterioration of their relations.

Solar Power Planet and Panel Technology

Instead of Trump’s wall, a solar power plant instead

As we all know, the hunt for renewable sources of energy has reached an all-time high as the consequences of climate change are starting to catch up with humankind. Add that to the highly polarizing issues that hound the United States, and you’ve got a country with way too much on its plate.

As such, instead of stoking the fire with potentially ruinous rhetoric and plans like the border wall, building a solar power plant can instead stand as a symbol of hope between the two nations.

Why consider shelving the border wall plan

Cost of Trump’s wall could reach $70 billion

Not only is the sheer logistical nightmare of trying to plan and build a massive border wall a problem, the cost of building it is so astronomically high that finding a way to fund its construction could prove to be impossible. President Trump has repeatedly said Mexico would cover the cost of building his wall, to which Mexico vehemently disagrees. There could be different measures taken such as a tariff on goods imported from Mexico, but this will actually impact American consumers more than it would Mexican companies. So funding the wall is all but impossible, which means a better approach is needed.

This is where building a solar power plant instead spanning the border between the United States and Mexico comes in. Apart from its role in mitigating the use of nonrenewable sources of energy that cause climate change, solar power works best in areas with abundant sunshine, and there are few regions in the world that receive more sunshine than the border areas between the US and Mexico. This combined with the ever-dropping costs of solar panels means that investing in a solar power plant is a far more feasible idea than many people may realize.

A solar power plant, not a wall, is a better symbol of hope

A solar power plant will provide electricity for a huge number of people and it will do so at a low cost due to the ever-increasing efficiency of solar panels. Even more importantly, it could serve as an effective means of securing the border, but it will do so without the negative oppressive feelings that a border wall creates. Instead of seeing a barrier people on each side of the power plant, we will see a symbol of green energy that should lead to a brighter future for us all.

Not only will this type of solar power plant provide cheap electricity, it will also benefit the environment. While it may not be the type of solution most people think of, the reality is that a giant solar plant may actually be the best solution for what seems to be a problem that has no easy fixes.

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