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About Us

Our team at ExpertSolar.org is passionate about solar and the benefits it has to both the planet and consumers. Here is why we think that going green with solar is so important. 

As we all know the Sun provides us with light and warmth, and without it, life wouldn't be possible in this world of ours. Sunlight is the foundation that all of life on Earth is based upon, and it's going to keep providing that energy long after you and I and everyone else we know have long since passed away. While life uses a lot of that solar energy there's a lot more of it that is basically going to waste. Every rooftop that the Sun shines on that doesn't have a solar power system on it is for lack of a better word a waste. It's an opportunity that is lost as that solar energy does little more than making the tile or shingles on your roof hot. Instead of allowing that power to go to waste the smart approach would be to make getting a solar power system for your home or business a priority.

Going Solar Won't Cost You More Money, It Will Save You Money

The biggest obstacle that most people face when they are thinking about having a solar power system installed is the cost. There are a lot of misconceptions out there that contribute to the idea that a solar power system is too costly for most people. Well, if that were true then why do you see more and more solar power systems going up all the time? Are all of these people much more financially capable than you are? Probably not, instead they have discovered that going solar doesn't cost you money, it saves you money.
While it's true that the overall cost of a solar power system is high, it's important that you look at the big picture instead of just focusing on how much the system will end up costing you. For example, right now you pay a monthly electric bill, right? Currently is this a bill that is ever going to go away? Not unless you decide to go back to the dark ages and live without electricity, or unless you find another way to get rid of that bill. That other way is a solar power system. Each month instead of just handing money over to the electric company you can instead make a payment that will go toward paying off the balance of your loan for your solar power system. Then at some point in the future, your solar power system will be paid off, whereas if you didn't have a solar system you would simply keep paying the power company forever.

Solar Will Help You Save Money On A Monthly Basis As Well

While being able to one day look forward to not having an electric bill is nice, it's hard to commit to anything that won't pay off for what will likely be a few decades. Sure when that solar system is paid off it's going to be great, but in the here and now you have bills to pay and that's probably your primary focus. Want the good news? The good news is that the amount of money you pay the solar power company each month for your system will almost always be a little lower than you would pay the electric company if you didn't have a solar system. The point here is that going solar won't cost you any more money now, and it will pay off big time in the future.


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