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Are you tired of paying huge electric bills during the summer? Do you find your self "sweating out" the mid day heat so that you don't have to turn on your air conditioning? Well that is a thing of the past now that ExpertSolar has come to Laguna Hills, CA. We help right size your home for a Solar Energy System, so that you can leverage the power of the sun and use you airconditioning or appliances when you want and not be in fear of the electric bill at the end of the month.

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What types of Services Does Expert Solar Offer? 

Laguna Hills Home Solar Panels

Home Solar In Laguna Hills

Local homeowners are becoming more and savvier when it comes to their energy options. No longer do you have to bow to the large electric companies like Socal Edison or SDG&E. Now you can become your own power plant, and sometimes even get paid to do so!

Laguna Hills Solar Panel Installer

Solar Panel Installation Contractors

As the solar industry has changed so has the need for different types of services. Now some consumers are actually buying their panels direct from the suppliers and then hiring contractors to do the installation for them. Well, we can help with that as well!

Laguna Hills Commercial Solar System

Commercial Solar Panels

Commercial Solar Systems can be a game changer for small to large businesses. Are you a commercial property owner? Well just think about no longer having to worry about if a tenant left the air on. Now the unlimited power of the sun is fueling your buildings power needs.

Ready To Go Green With Solar Panels? 

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Expert Solar Laguna Hills, California

Solar energy can bring about significant differences in saving money and preserving the integrity of the environment. It is not only renewable, but also safe, and virtually free. Proper installation of solar systems can help you save on energy and reduce your bills.

 It is therefore imperative that you choose a reliable technician with considerable experience in all kinds of solar power services. A qualified technician will ensure that all the installation standards and codes are adhered to.You, therefore, have to ensure that you receive all the necessary services so as to have a perfect solar system installation. These services are often provided as a package which facilitates solar installation from start to finish.

The process involves the following:

Feasibility Assessment

Perhaps the first and most important service offered by the solar service providers is the feasibility assessment. Before installing any solar system on a private or commercial property, it is ideal to conduct a feasibility assessment of the property or building. These assessments are aimed at determining whether a building or property qualifies to provide a solar generation site. The engineers survey the prospective buildings to determine the most cost - effective approach applicable to the installation of solar systems. The considered assessment factors include the available roof space, the age of the roofing material, roof load specifics, and the amount of shade present on the roof among others.

Solar Financing Service Provision

Project financing is often required for clients that may be unable to provide full funding for any solar installation or maintenance project. After the feasibility assessment, the solar service providers advise prospective clients and help them in determining the best types of financial solutions available. The financial advice provided includes an in-depth analysis of various variables that affect the financing options. The variables considered include the ownership structure, total system cost, cost capital, present electricity prices, state and federal taxes, and system life among others. The service providers work closely with the clients in order to understand their personal needs and likes before determining the appropriate financing option that befits their needs.<br><br>Solar Design and Engineering<br> The success of any solar energy project depends on ensuring that the system balances economics, aesthetics, solar optimization, and the strict engineering specifications. The provision of this essential service includes activities such as preparing of drawings and installation specifics. The drawings are created to reflect electrical, structural, and solar ( P V ) requirements. The drawings made are created based on the technical specifics of the system's manufacturer. The systems' components are also engineered in a manner that complies with local codes of structural and electrical requirements.

Solar System Installation Laguna Hills

High - quality construction and installation processes are significant requirements that ensure the installed solar system lasts for long. Before conducting the actual installation, the service providers procure the services of professionally trained technicians materials to facilitate the installation process.

Post - Installation Management and Maintenance

After the full installation, clients start using the solar system. But the service provider's role does not end at this point. The provision of regular monitoring and maintenance continues even after the system becomes functional. These services are meant to ensure that the system is always functioning at its optimal level. Any detected problems are handled, and repairs are made in the maintenance process to make sure that the system is working as desired. The installer may also offer cleaning services for the solar system to make sure that it is working optimally. Cleaning eliminates dust and debris that may cover the surfaces of the solar panels and thus prevent their absorption of solar energy. The elimination of such dirt and debris ensures that solar systems can capture enough solar radiation and convert it into more voltages, and thus improve the performance of the solar system.

The Benefits of getting Solar in Laguna Hills include:

Reduction of dependence on the main grid

The installation and use of solar power reduce or eliminates dependence on electric power supplied by the main grid. In turn, electrical bills reduce or get totally eliminated. Depending on one' s electricity bill and the kind of solar system that one intends to install, there is a possibility of totally eliminating the need for power from the main grid system.

Improvement of long - term savings

The installation and use of solar power systems not only reduce electricity bills, but it also improves long - term saving. After the initial investment, the cost of using a solar system is practically zero because you do not have to pay to harness the sun' s power.

Backup power

Solar energy can act as a backup when traditional main grid electricity gets interrupted. Sometimes the main grids have problems, and the provision of traditional electric power gets interrupted. These interruptions may negatively affect clients who rely on such power to do their businesses. But with the installation of reliable solar power systems, you can switch to the use of stored solar power or directly harnessed power from the solar systems.

Increase in resale value

Residential or commercial property buyers know that properties with properly installed solar systems have more value to them because of the following reasons

- Continuous and uninterrupted power supply

- Reduced cost of energy supply

- Ability to generate more energy when the consumption increases

As such, buyers are often willing to pay an extra amount on the value of the property, and this improves the resale value of the property.

Tax credits and government incentives<br> The cost of solar energy is dropping because governments are trying to encourage the use of solar energy. As such, you can be sure to get a good bargain for the purchase of your solar system. In addition, the states offer solar energy incentives and tax credits, which make the use of solar energy more appealing and affordable.<br><br> If you would like to enjoy the convenience of solar energy and get the benefits highlighted above, then contact a technician today. You will get to benefit from a free assessment and quotation, which will show how much your project may cost.e.

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